Our Mission



“We believe everyone needs a little adventure in their lives – whether it’s the exhilaration of staring down the status quo and doing something new or the satisfaction of pushing fear aside to step outside of your comfort zone.

That mindset drives the decisions we make and the company we are. It’s what fuels us to be good and do good. More than anything, it’s why everyone at Defiance Rafting is committed to providing you an experience that gives you the adventure you’re looking for.”

— Heather & Gregory


So, why Defiance Rafting?

The name Defiance is a nod to the original naming of the townsite that was later changed to Glenwood Springs. Defiance also resonates with our story of defying conventional wisdom and the security that comes with professional careers. Desiring community, getting back outside and sharing a love of the river. Without looking back, Defiance Rafting Company was launched.

Defiance Rafting Company is more than pushing rubber boats down a river and making up for lost time, it is also about creating a platform for doing good in our community and having an opportunity to give back. We believe in creating lasting river memories and providing a forum for others to experience the greatness of the Colorado River, the magnificence of Glenwood Canyon, and the charms of Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley.