DOUBLE SHOSHONE, aka The Double Sho-Sho

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At Defiance Rafting, we expect our guides and their passengers to display perfect paddling form when rafting our 13-foot paddleboats through the Class III (and sometimes IV) Shoshone Rapids. When they do, which is mostly all the time, we reward their excellence by letting them raft it again. When they don't, we punish them by making them redo it, which, oddly enough, they never seem too upset about.


A flat $70


Experience whitewater rafting at its best!  Just outside of Glenwood Springs, the double Shoshone Half Day is the perfect trip for splash and thrill while never leaving the Canyon! 


  • Trip Length: Approx. 2 hours
  • Class: III / IV
  • Check-In: 45 minutes prior to departure
  • Departs: 4pm
  • Requirements: Restricted to paddlers ages 14+ during high-water. Limited availability.



Intermediate to advanced paddlers who want a double-dose of whitewater.