A piece of Defiance in Accra, Ghana


Defiance Rafting Company is built on a vision to use rafting as our platform for Giving Back.  Our mission fuels us to do good and create adventures for anyone seeking.  With this openness we have received opportunities to give in ways that we didn’t think possible being a rafting company in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and operating on two proud but short stretches of the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers.  And yet, we continue to see the joy that the river can bring from all reaches of the world. 

The ethos of Defiance is to rise above the naysayers who tell us we can’t and so shouldn’t. It’s embracing the possibilities of defying the norm and cultivating a new path. We believe our small donation of life jackets (or Personal Flotation Devices aka PFDs) to the Africana Village of Peach Project in Ghana embraces this ethos. With our gift, we are amazed by what we saw.  Today, we share their thanks and gratitude.

Hello this is the Africana village of peace Project, 

We want to thank Defiance rafting for its generous donation of 30 life jackets for adults, teenagers and children of Accra, Ghana. 

The Village of Peace Project is committed to providing experiences inside and out for the youth of Ghana. In the capital it is overcrowded with slums, trash and pollution; the Village of Peace Project has purchased land two hours from the capital on the Volta river. On the land we bring the children from the capital to practice their cultural drumming and dancing, teach them how to swim, make freshwater from the river, farm, build mud huts, weave make glass beads and other sustainable practices. These children return to their home in the capital rejuvenated and refreshed. Having learned how to swim more and more each visit, being comfortable in the water that they were born to be afraid of allows the children to look at life with new eyes and more possibilities.

Thank you to Defiance Rafting! 


Africana Dance Ensemble 

A day on the river in Ghana…    #raftlikealocal #thisiswhatwedo #defianceasalifestyle #raftdefiance

A day on the river in Ghana…

#raftlikealocal #thisiswhatwedo #defianceasalifestyle #raftdefiance

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